AS I AM Curling Jelly

AS I AM Curling Jelly

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How to Use?

  • Start with clean, detangled hair.
  • Apply As I Am Leave-In Conditioner throughout your hair, ensuring even distribution.
  • While your hair is still wet, take small sections and apply the As I Am Curling Jelly from root to tip.
  • Use your fingers to scrunch your hair to define curls.
  • Allow your hair to air dry or use a hood dryer on a low setting.
  • Once your hair is completely dry, fluff, separate, or arrange your coils and curls as desired for your desired look.



Aqua/Water/EauGlycerinHydroxyethylcelluloseBetaineAloe Barbadensis Leaf ExtractPectinBeta Vulgaris (Beet) Root ExtractXanthan GumTocopheryl AcetatePotassium SorbateFragrance/ParfumPhenoxyethanolCaprylyl GlycolSodium BenzoateCitric AcidErythorbic AcidCoumarinLimonene

*Certified Organic
  • Cruelty-Free | 
  • Gluten-Free | 
  • Paraben-Free | 
  • Peg-Free | 
  • Phthalate-Free | 
  • Talc-Free | 
  • Vegan | 
  • Packaging - Degradable | 
  • Packaging - Recyclable