Booking Policy



You’re Required to pay A $40 non-refundable deposit to complete your Bookings.

The remaining balance of your hair is Due in CASH
Which is to be paid During or immediately after your hair has been completed (additional fee WILL be charged if paying electronically such as e-transfer)

Also, the $40 cannot be used to redeem products if you cancel or don’t show


We have the best braiding hair available for sale. Additional $25 will be charged if you come with hair that must be cut, stretched and brush i.e ultra-braid. I stand the right to reject any brand that will not give the desired result for the service


PLEASE COME WITH FRESHLY WASHED HAIR, stretched or properly blown out from the root to the end for a neat and long-lasting hairstyle. $ 20 extra will be charged to do it if it's not properly done. You can add this to your services while booking.

  • Be sure your hair is free of any product, as your hair and scalp will be moisturized during/after your appointment.
  • You’ll be charged additional $30 to wash and blow out your hair if you come with oily hair.
  • Don't get your hair TRIMMED before your appointment.
  • If your hair is not clean, I will refuse to serve you and your appointment will be canceled and the deposit will not be refunded.
  • Your hair must be 4-5 inches long all around for most hairstyles.
  • If you have any hair loss or your edges are very damaged, you have to consult with me via phone call on (+15879662280) before booking


Please note your hairstyle may take longer than expected do not book appointment on a day you have other important engagements.


You must manually cancel your appointment via the acuity scheduling link 72 hours in advance in order for your deposit to be used for a future appointment if you cancel your appointment less than 72hours before your appointment you will have to pay a new deposit in order to book again.

You can only re-use your deposit ONCE to rebook with 30days to your initial booking.

  • Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE
  • Please No additional guests allowed (this includes family members and friends)
  • Free wi-fi available
  • No refund or price adjustment will be done after service has been completed
  • No pets/ no smoking / no drinking is permitted
  • No excessive noise. Please come with your earphones for personal entertainment
  • Emergency/ Squeeze In/ Day Off Appointment Available For $60 Upcharge